One of a Kind

Through minimalist design and strong craftsmanship, we aim to create products that help our clients connect with and find more meaning in their homes. Our original designs for vessels, utensils, boards and custom furniture are developed with consideration for longevity and durability. Every piece is hand carved, sanded and finished with a lifetime of good use in mind.

Handmade, start to finish

By founder Allison Samuels, who currently works out of her East Williamsburg, NY studio. Through an upbringing surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains, Samuels cultivated an early appreciation for the natural world. As such, her work emphasizes, and is dictated in part by, the unique properties she observes within raw material itself.

Sustainability Commitment

We value products that are consciously-made, in addition to being well-made. We seek to work with the most earth-friendly materials possible, from our wood sourcing to all natural finishes. We aim to keep our footprint small in the studio as well, from bringing our sawdust to local gardens for composting, to working with entirely reclaimed and scrap wood for our utensils and vases. We believe that "green" items are more beautiful, and are confident that your loved ones will feel the difference.


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